Our mission is to make crypto usable

We believe that a peer to peer version of electronic cash is the next generation financial system. Our mission is to unlock the $1 Trillion stored in crypto, and make payments accessible to the world

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The Story Behind Our Company - Web3 X Webflow TemplateThe Story Behind Our Company - Web3 X Webflow Template

Monarch's mission and story

The revolutionary concept of Monarch Pay was born out of Sneh Bhatt's firsthand experience of the difficulties managing and paying for subscriptions using cryptocurrency. As he was writing the white paper for Trust Wallet, Bhatt recognized the pressing need for a more user-friendly payment system in the world of crypto.

Now the team is mission driven to unlock the +1T crypto asset class and make crypto payments accessible and an enjoyable experience

The values & mantra that drive everything we do

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, ensuring that our products and services are reliable and effective.

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We are committed to creating groundbreaking solutions that address real-world problems and drive the adoption of cryptocurrency.

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With over $100M stored in our wallets and 1M+ wallets generated, we prioritize the safety and protection of our users' assets.

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We strive to make our platform user-friendly, catering to both crypto enthusiasts and novices alike.

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Our 40k monthly active users are a testament to our strong and growing community, which we continue to support and foster.

Crypto Starts Here

Join the future of payments today and start accepting cryptocurrency with MonarchPay. Schedule a call with a representative or request a demo to learn more.